Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going off to war...

This is the first of many posts on this blog.  Both Rodney and I will be adding posts as we can.  Pictures will be added and I encourage many of you to leave Rodney words of encouragement and let him know you're all thinking of him and praying for him.
We will not be posting anything personal on here (ie. feelings, location, etc.) this is just a fun blog to see what goes on over on the other side of the world.  I hope you'll all join and become a follower for at least the duration of his deployment.

Thanks for following!
Rodney and Jessica


foxtrotter said...

This is GREAT!!! What a wonderful idea!!! :>)

sbnarmywife said...

(the news video)aww Olivia..Your Dad will be know what he's fighting for and God will protect him and come back home soon. We are all praying for him.