Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boys And Their Toys!

The other day I got this picture from Rodney.  I laughed, it's a typical picture of a boy and his toys!  A really big gun and a really big humvee!  Funny thing is, more than one of the guys got pictures taken in front of this humvee with their big guns too LOL!  
All is going well in war land.  Or rather...training land...they are playing war and some are actually having fun doing it.  They hate the meetings but the shooting and rolling in the dirt is fun for them.  Flipping humvee's is another form of fun for them too!  Not real ones of course but fun none the less!

I'm pretty sure Rodney will come home about 30 pounds lighter, all they have to eat right now are MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) and I hear some of them are pretty nasty and unidentifiable.  Some can cause some serious stomach problems, others take care of those problems.  Get one of each and they should be able to balance that issue out LOL!
Leave it up to Rodney, though to find some of the MRE's tasty.  Blech! They're all nasty to me!

Well, that's all I have for you today!


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sbnarmywife said...

Jessica this is the infamous picture that everyone takes when they are deploying/deployed lol I think Melvin has a pic like this from almost everywhere he has been. Rodney seemed happy when he was training..sounds like he's learning some new stuff :)
How in this world does Rodney like MRE's? YUCK! lol actually they have come A LONG WAY in the past 20 yrs.. I use to not even be able to take the smell when he opened one. I think they are learning..