Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doing well...

Things are going really well for Rodney.  I get to talk to him daily so that's nice!  He told me today that he passed his medical portion of the training, so that's good!  Sadly he didn't have to stuff a tube down someone else's nose, they did that on a dummy...No fun in that!  They didn't even have to administer an IV.  Wimps!  Just kidding!!
He's keeping busy, taking naps, eating pizza, all that hard stuff he was going on about before he left...what a life!  Glad it's not me! LOL!!!

He hasn't taken any pics yet but there are some on his camera that I would love to add to the blog but I'll have to wait for him to upload them and send them...who know's when that will be!

Have a great night!

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sbnarmywife said...

Good to hear..of the life of an officer lol jp