Saturday, August 14, 2010

My own personal G.I. Joe!

Today I got to talk to Rodney via Skype, it was so nice to see him, his Commander and his buddy Garrett.
He sent me some pics to add to the blog so here goes.  These were taken the other day while they were playing war.
Mess with me...I pull the pin!

Rodney in a Humvee (doesn't he look like Buddy Holly LOL)

Rodney and the guys doing their Captain Morgan impersonations

Keep Your Head Down!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

So serious!

Just taking a little break!

Yes, that's really Rodney, pretty cool huh!?

Well, there you have it, some pretty cool pics of my own personal G.I. Joe LOL 

Have a great night!


Suzie-Jean said...

This is a great blog..I wish you well;
thank you for serving our country.


sbnarmywife said...

Great Pics :) word of advise Rodney..always wear your helmet & vest even when taking a break :/ I know this was only training but I believe it's true when they say how they "train is how they will play" or something like that lol