Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow! Talk about BIG GUNS!

These bullets are HUGE!  I'd hate to see the gun they go in...Actually I'd love to see it LOL

Have a great day!


Jean said...

Now Rodney while you are over there and in camp you adopt a little kitten and put it in your pocket... my son did and carried it everywhere he went... when they went out the kitten laid in his bunk and was well taken care of and he came home safely... so adopt a kitten.. they will take good care of you!! Seriously.. take care and let us know what you need.... I sent my son a box a week... so if you need or want anything, just put it on this blog and your command will be met... Oh my Dad and husband both served in war...
Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean. I will let you know! Rodney.