Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some new pics of Rodney at work!

Rodney was finally able to upload some pics for me to put on here.  These are from Rodney's work place.  Pretty cute.
All is going well, they guys are settling in and getting busy doing what they were sent over to do.  According to Rodney, his men have done more in the last 7 weeks than the troops before them did the whole 6 months they were there.

Outside the building he works in

At his desk...get busy Rodney!

Smile!  We love and miss you! (nice curtains!)

No, he hasn't grown...the room shrunk!  Makes him feel tall tho LOL

I really hope you are enjoying the pictures I post.  It's been fun!  Hopefully I'll get some more in the near future...when the internet cooperates that is...

Have a great day,
Jessica and Rodney

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Shanon said...

Thanks for the updated--keep them coming whenever you can.