Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some new pics from the Middle of Nowhere!

Rodney was finally able to upload some new pics to send me from his trip to the Middle of Nowhere...AKA BFA (originally known as BFE but since he's not in Egypt it's A LOL)

I'm not sure what some of these places are but I'll do my best at explaining them.

Rodney's ride to BFE, pretty sweet pair of rotaries!
The inside, red nylon interior, no windows, parachutes optional
 Gunner #1
 Gunner #2 (crazy seating arrangements)
Gunner #3 not pictured
 Sleeping arrangements...Rodney chose the cozy cot, 
his backpack got the bed
 Now that's what I call a Sweet Ride!
 I am going to assume the walls are there to keep the 
bombs out?? What do you think?!
 Laying a runway...Looks more like a chess board
Homegrown Thanksgiving turkeys...
 Laundry day...and I thought my facilities were bad
 Ok, this one is funny...these are the toilets...Below  you will
find the instructions on how to us them...Don't laugh!
 Wag Bag??  Poo Powder?? Thanks to Rodney and his 
men, these guys now have flushing toilets! 
Poo Powder, Whoda thunk it!
 Rodney giving the thumbs up, guess the job is going well!
 Ok really?  First the Mall of America, now they're
sunbathing on the rooftop...what next??
This is a picture of everything they have to wear 
when traveling...Guess the AF has a luggage
requirement too...One piece per soldier!

Well there you have it!  Hope you all enjoy the new pics! Until next time...
Rodney & Jessica


Tim Rodee said...

Jessica & Rodney

Thanks for letting us see what you are doing. I really appreciate it.

Stay Safe and THANKS for your service!!!


Shanon said...

So glad Rodney looks healthy and (sort of) happy. Hang tough, Rodney and Jess. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sacrifice. NEVER forget who is in charge of all this--our God is powerful beyond comprehension and is holding you all in his hand.